How Many Things You Love Can You Share in Ten Minutes?

If you are following other translation blogs, you might have seen a new trend initiated by Olga Arakelyan and widely spread by Alina Cincan. The purpose of this new idea is simple: to name as many things as possible in a limited timespan of ten minutes. This allows us to know each other a little bit better and these things are just fun, aren’t they?

So here we go for my answers… Ready? Set? Go!

1) Discovering new cultures: I am in love with finding out about other cultures and interculturality. I could talk about it forever. I am very interested in migration studies, and my thesis was halfway between sociology and literature. I actually live interculturality on a day-to-day basis as my husband is from Congolese descent.

2) FOOD: Yes, I am a foodie. So much so that it’s hard for me to ever stop eating and not crave for unhealthy snack. Which brings me to…

3) Taibo: I started Taibo in October because I decided it was time to lose that baby weight (I tended to eat everything I could find during those two last pregnancy months). Besides it is a nice opportunity to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Taibo is hard and very dynamic, but definitely loads of fun!

4) Languages: and most of all, English. I have talked about this in my Rosetta Foundation interview, but I fell in love with the language in high school and then with England after several short or longer trips there.

5) Travels: I long for the day when I can travel to Africa and see my husband’s country and South Africa. My favorite travels were Greece and Istanbul.

6) African-American history: I can’t really explain it, I think there is something fascinating about the Civil Rights Movement that can teach a lesson or two to each of us.

7) My family: and my 5-months-old baby, need I say more? 🙂

8) Giraffes: Africa, yet again. Do you see a trend here?

9) The Internet: I still remember the day where we got an Internet connection at home when I was 13. It was a whole new world unveiling before our eyes! And now I am so addicted I am going crazy whenever the WiFi doesn’t work.

10) TV shows: one of my guilty pleasures! I sadly don’t have enough time to watch all of them on a daily basis now that I’m a freelancer. Name a TV show and I’ve probably seen it or plan on seeing it!

11) Literature: From Pride & Prejudice to The Shining – I tend to like pretty much everything as long as it is well-written. Current favorite author is Nancy Huston (you should try Lignes de faille if you don’t know her yet!)

12) Positivity: a smile on someone’s face in the street can literally improve my day.

Feel free to join the fun and post your take on it either in the comments or on your blog!


4 responses to “How Many Things You Love Can You Share in Ten Minutes?”

  1. Alina Cincan says :

    Lovely list, Emeline! Thank you for sharing! We do have quite a few things in common: 2, 3 and 12 for example 🙂 Languages was an obvious one, wasn’t it?

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