This blog has a new home

In Touch Translations

As some of you already know, this blog is now fully integrated on my newly revamped website. This blog will thus be no longer active. To stay up-to-date with my latest blog posts, you can now suscribe to the new blog, like my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter. Let’s keep in touch 😉

What’s in a Brand? Caroline Alberoni from Alberoni Translations

Today I’m happy to publish this interesting interview with the lovely Caroline Alberoni. Caroline is an English and Italian into Brazilian Portuguese who specializes in IT. When she’s not busy with her business, Alberoni Translations, she runs a successful blog featuring many articles written in Portuguese as well as in English. She is a self-confessed social media lover and a very active Twitter user.

Alberoni Translations

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What’s in a Brand? Marie Jackson from Looking-Glass Translations

Hi, everyone! I’m particularly pleased to share with you today’s interview. I’ve invited Marie Jackson, the founder of Looking-Glass Translations, a while ago and she agreed to take part in this series about branding. Marie is a French and German into English translator and mainly works in the marketing, business legal and logistics fields. Marie is also an interpreter and a teacher. When not working, you can find Marie on Twitter or on her blog. lookingglasstranslations


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